Design Your Very Own T-shirt

Use our T-Shirt designer below to make your very own custom Tee or apparel.

We print your custom t-shirt on the spot in 5 to 10 minutes when you come into the shop.

This lets us show you the shirt size first, and also make sure the print is coming out the way you want.

If you are placing an order of 4+ shirts and want them printed in advance please call us at (416)907-4581 before placing your order.

Our current turnaround times are below. if you require a faster turnaround please call us before ordering.

1-3 Tees: only 5-10 minutes per tee!

4 Tees: 1 hour

6 Tees: 1 business day

10 Tees: 2 business days

25+ Tees: 5-7 business days

please call us to have it preprinted in advance.

We do our best to stock all the colours available in the designer, but if you have your heart set on a certain colour please call us

to make sure it is available before coming in.



Your Very Own Custom T-Shirt Made In Just 5-Minutes!
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Two Convenient Locations

We have two very convenient locations in the downtown core of Toronto

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